eat healthySo in our house we eat clean and train dirty. In the last few months we have gotten hard core about it like we've only eaten at a restaurant like 5 times since Christmas and that includes when we went on vacation in March (We've gone through times were we ate out more days per week than we ate in so this is a big deal)! Granted our vacation with Beachbody was on a cruise so we had little to no choice but to eat at the restaurants on the ship but we drove to Florida and back and took our food with us for the drive! And I'll tell ya my stomach was hurting by the end of the 5 days on the ship. I couldn't wait to get back to my whole, mostly raw veggies and clean diet. Oh, my! That's right I eat mostly raw veggies and fruits with protein and of course Shakeology thrown in.  Why RAW veggies? Because I'm mostly lazy!  Yes, a lot of days I'm too lazy to cook them so I just eat them raw. They're better for you this way so it's the best kind of lazy! Did I mention my husband eats Paleo? Oh right, he does. And he's been eating that way for 4 years. No sugar, this includes most fruit, and no carbs like bread or potatoes. He started before it was a trend or the thing you could buy printed on a shirt. He's even more strict about it than many paleo diet educators too. Things they say are ok he wouldn't touch with a 10' pole!  He lost 60 pounds by following it so it seems he knows what he's doing. paleo With that said many people ask me how do you eat? Um? Easily! It's not very hard at all once you learn how to change your mind set. At first I was so programmed to think that every meal should have a veggie, a protein, and carb that I was like what do I make? Once I stopped thinking that way it became very easy to the point that I think it's weird when someone suggests a carb dish like rice or potatoes with a meal. You mean people still eat mashed potatoes? Who knew! It didn't take me long to learn all of this and frankly there isn't much to learn but if you want to really learn about paleo and clean eating we'll be posting more information as we go on, along with recipes and tried and true methods of sticking to your diet in the midst of temptation.  junk food or body