Become a Coach

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change 1So many people think that they have to be in peak physical condition to be a coach. Or that they need some knowledge in fitness, personal training, and nutrition. That couldn't be further from the truth!  Beachbody coaches are just like you!Normal people living busy lives. Some work full-time jobs or take care of their children or are simply looking for a change because what they've been doing so far just isn't working!

Many people sign up to be coaches right in the beginning of their journey to better health and fitness. Some simply do it for the discount on products. Some even do it for the money, gasp! That's right! Some coaches start out so desperate and depressed with their financial situation that they don't even care about the fitness part in the beginning. That part comes later. They just know that if they work hard and help other's change their lives they'll inturn be able to change their own. Most coaches are not fitness fanatics who live to workout all day, everyday! Some have become that becuase of what they have seen happen in other people's lives through Beachbody, but most simply love the results that working out gives them and the reward that they get for inspiring others.
I know this, I've never regretted a workout! But some days I do have to convince myself to start, just like any other person out there. Somedays I take longer talking myself into working ot thatn the actual workout takes. Why? Because I'm human! And that's what it takes to be a coach. You simply have to want to lead others down a path to better health and fitness and get them going again when they want to stop. If you're tired of starting over, you have to stop quitting! If you're interested in finding out more contanct us today. It's your turn! 1395948_10152080229719017_504450468_n