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If you are looking for help to get healthy and stay that way please sign up to have one of us as your FREE Beachbody Coach. Through coaching we provide motivation, support, and accountability. We are all human we all live busy lives and we all want our goals to have been reached yesterday. Through working with a coach you can get the help that you need to meet your goals and set new ones. We help people reach physical, mental, and financial goals to change their lives forever!

Why we chose Beachbody


As I'm sure you know there are a ton of multibillion dollar companies out there all waiting for you to give them your money so you can "lose weight." I've looked into many of them and passed by most of them. The majority do not care enough about their clients to give your money to. I chose Beachbody because they didn't want me to "lose weight," they wanted me to get healthy. In that ONE word there is a whole difference in outlook. They didn't tout to me the newest get skinny drink, full of chemicals, and crap ingredients. They didn't tell me to eat 1,000 calories a day and take a pill to trick my brain into think I'm full, oh and don't forget to pass out from lack of nutrients. And they most certainly didn't treat me like just another customer. I have been doing Beachbody programs for years. It all started with Turbo Jam for me. It came out in about 2005 and I was sucked in by the infomercial. It looked fun, Chalene Johnson was awesome and those abs, ooo baby! So I bought it and I did it for years. I would change it up and I added on with some of the kits that came out in the coming years and I got great results. So when I had my son, it was only natural for me to look straight to Beachbody for help to get rid of the baby weight.


I wasn't a good pregnant lady. I actually didn't eat badly, I barely ate anything. I pretty much lost my appetite. I was just lazy and tired and had no energy, like ever, for 9 months. There was ONE week were I felt great the whole pregnancy. Not to mention dear hubby had put on that "sympathy weight" that is all too common. I gave birth and started losing it pretty fast in the first few months but hubby was GAINING more! So we decided to do P90X together. We competed with each other. We took our fit tests and made improvements. It was hard and it was long and Tony was a little, well, annoying at points but we did it... for the first 45 days and then life got in the way and we stopped. We were both working full-time and well we let it slip. At that point I hadn't been paying any attention to Beachbody or what was going on with the company past their programs. I had no idea they had coaches. We could have been getting help, support, motivation, and hearing from others in the same place as us to get us through it but at this point the coaching thing was really new, we didn't know, so we quit. I did lose the weight on my own. Thank you breastfeeding! I got skinnier than I was pre-pregnancy and hubby changed his diet and got that extra weight off too. A couple of years went by and I got pregnant with our daughter. I was once again gaining weight but hubby was doing good with staying skinny. This pregnancy was even worse than the last in that not only did I lack any energy at all but I also had morning sickness EVERYDAY until I gave birth. Talk about being lazy. I was the epitome of lazy! And I gained more weight than the first time! I once again gave birth and this time the weight fell off. I had used my lessons learned from the first post-pregnancy to improve upon the second post-pregnancy. The problem was I was skinny but I wasn't fit. I was losing the weight easily and quickly while still having too much milk for our daughter so I was eating enough but I wasn't working out and I was still kind of lazy. I had let life get in the way of being healthy! That's where Beachbody came back into my life.

Dani JuddI met my coach at a party. We were all talking, the usual party I've-never-met-you-before chit-chat, and she mentioned she was a Beachbody coach. Here I am having been doing Beachbody programs for years and I had no idea such a thing existed. How did I miss it? How did no one tell me? The person that has worked out their entire life doing 100s of crunches and pushups and v-ups before bed every night for years, hello? I liked to workout, a lot! and no one I know had told me this is an option? I immidately thought wow how does a person in Pittsburgh become a Beachbody coach? Do I have to move to California? So I friended her on facebook and immidiately decided I liked this chick. We had a bunch of other things in common anyway. You know that person that thinks like you and you're like I do that too! Are we best friends now? That was us. So I watched her and having been laid off from work while I was pregnant I had nothing better to do but to try to figure out how to make money when she posted an ad looking for a new coach so I submitted the application to be on her team and she said I had the best fit of anyone that applied! Finally, I was going to get to do what I had always secertely wanted to do. Help others and get paid to workout. 2 things I really enjoy doing in life and Beachbody brought them together for me as job. Now it's your turn to get our help. Are you ready to take the Beachbody Challenge? We're here to help you.

With the help of my Beachbody team I was able to

make and reach goals I have never thought possible!

Are you ready for it to be your turn?

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